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Overcoming Body Issues.

Posted by SweetPea at 3:54 AM
     I did a photo shoot with Puddintaine423 last week. One of the things we did after the shoot was view some of the images he captured, and some of the art we had created together. Do not think this piece to be a jab at any of his work. I completely endorse him, and he is a wonderful photographer and is wonderful to work with. That being said, after about twenty times of me picking at little things about the pictures that I didn't like he told me I was being too cynical of myself. Indeed, everything I had said had to do with something on my body.  My teeth weren't good enough, My eyebrows were too messy, my arms were flabby, I had back fat, my breast weren't high enough.  I can hear the simultaneous eye rolling now. "Sweetpea, I would kill for your looks." Well darlings, thanks for your kind words but until someone can see the beauty within themselves, other's opinions aren't really going to change their views.

    I like a lot of women experience this, When you watch television, or see advertisements, or anything that is mass media related, you will notice that the person is at least mildly attractive. High cheek bones, perfectly symmetrical face, perfect teeth. Make up products are pushed on us in just about every series of commercials in our daily lives. Even if you don't watch TV, you are bombarded with adverts on Billboards or cellphones of muscular men, thin women.  We are taught that boobs that aren't perky are "saggy" which has a negative connotation. Everything right down to the porn that we watch has a standard of beauty. Plastic surgery is a 10 Billion dollar industry.  I have had people tell me I should be a model. Well modeling is not something I really want to do.  I know that many photographers, especially professional are not going to be as kind as the ones I get to work with. I know that my image would be distorted to fit into the "main stream" of beauty.

 So how do we work on these body issues that seem to plague us? Do we blame the media and protest Vogue and Covergirl? One of the things that I hope to accomplish in 2015 is to start working out, and getting on a regular routine. It was just three years ago when I was able to fit into a size five, why can't I do that again? I want to be able to every morning at least take a job around my neighborhood, or spend an hour at my school's work out room.  I think self affirmation would also be very helpful. It sounds crazy, but one of the things I have learned in my life, is that you are more likely to have things go your way if you reassure yourself that this is the way it will be. Too many girls in the morning are in the mirror being mean to themselves. "My hips are too big, I have too many acne scars, I'm too big." Instead what we need is more of us focusing on our positive features. "Wow, I have really beautiful eyes.  I have a natural arch, I love my cheek bones."

  So I don't go this often but I do have a challenge for everyone on my friends list or who cares to read this note. I want you guys to look in the mirror and not focus on anything that you don't like, but to choose three physical things about yourself that you really like.  For me 1.) I love my eyes, they remind me of the patterns on my snakes. 2.) I am actually really fond of the beauty marks on my face, I am not sure if they are freckles or not, but I have several of them.  3.) I love my eyelid's for no other reason that because of the way they are I can do really cool things with eye shadows.


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